Tired Of Cleaning Your Gutters?
Do Gutter Guards Work?
This is a question that has an expectation level that is different for each person. Most people assume that if a gutter guard style works, it will keep EVERYTHING out. This is unrealistic because of a few things.
If you use a Micro Mesh Gutter Guard, it will keep Everything, including fast flowing water, out of your gutters! This style isn’t helping you, because when water goes over the top of the gutters, it is defeating the purpose of the guards!
If you use a sponge type gutter guard, it will collect seed pods and debris in the foam surface, and actually cause a clog, and worse, a small garden will start growing out of your gutters!
If you use a hood style gutter guard made of aluminum, the common belief is that the water will slide around the base and go into the gutter, while the debris won’t, and simply slide off the roof. This has been proven to be false by Jon 5 Star. After having to remove multiple hood style gutter guard systems and inspecting the gutters underneath, he has found that this is a marketing gimic, and not truly accurate. This type of gutter guard is also the most expense!
After Reading this, you may be wondering, WHICH ONE WORKS?
5 Star Roofing has done extensive testing to make sure that we only represent the best gutter guard products on the market. We don’t hype up the performance and spend a million dollars on marketing for it, and have to charge our customers an arm and a leg to get it. If you call us, we will come out and provide a FREE EVALUATION on your current gutter system, roof pitch, tree cover, gutter color, algae residue, gutter flow, and a whole lot more!
"5Star is very straight forward and will give all options that are available for your project. I took their advice on which product to use and have been very happy with the performance."